The Netherlands

Feel at home in The Netherlands

The Dutch are hospitable and are quite easy to talk to. They can be quite loud and their presence will not go unnoticed.

Living in The Netherlands

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Like many other countries in Europe, the Dutch use the euro. Years ago, the guilder was the currency in the Netherlands. Paying small or large amounts by PIN is widely possible and even encouraged by many businesses.


The Netherlands has a moderate sea climate. The winters are usually quite mild and seeing snow is not a certainty. The summers can be quite hot with temperatures sometimes rising up to 30 degrees Celsius but an umbrella will definitely come in handy too!


There are approximately 17 million people living in the Netherlands so it is quite a crowded little country. This has resulted in an excellent public transport and road network. There are many different nationalities in the Netherlands, it is a true multicultural society.


Dutch is a Germanic language. Many foreigners have trouble learning Dutch as its grammar can be quite confusing. Being able to say please and thank you in Dutch is appreciated but nearly everyone in the Netherlands speaks English well so communication should not be a problem.

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