Vitalis college

  • Terheijdenseweg 414, 4826 AB Breda

For students at Vitalis college

Vitalis college, which is part of ROC West Brabant, is located in Breda in the Netherlands. We have a brand new building with all the facilities we need. We offer a variety of courses which are mainly focused on social care, health care and cosmetic care.

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Huub van Caam
International Coordinator
Phone: +31 6 51881037

For foreign students at Vitalis college

We welcome students from other countries! Everybody at our school and at our internship locations speaks English well enough to have a proper conversation. We enjoy learning about different countries and cultures and will encourage you to share your ideas and views.

You are not alone

Don’t worry. Even if travelling to a foreign country seems… well, foreign to you. Rest assured that you will have good people around you. Every internship at is connected to a local school. This particular internship is connected to Vitalis college. Go explore the possibilities for finding buddies or mentors in The Netherlands by pressing the button below.

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